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On the Edge with Hanna Radek

Hanna Radek - StreetPX Episode 71 Banner

Calling in from picturesque Munich, Germany, today’s guest is long distance friend of the show, Hanna Radek and we’re talking photography, the Avengers, atomic wastelands, El Salvadoran gangs, you know, normal stuff.

Grains of Salt with Documentarian Alejandra López-Zaballa

Alejandra López-Zaballa is a well traveled, award winning documentary photographer with over 70 countries on her punch card. Today she joins us to share her journey, her documentary work in the orphan camps of Nairobi, Kenya to Oaxaca, Mexico and so much more. Growing up with a mother who painted often, she quickly found her creativity in painting and dancing… But as with most families of Spain at the time, she found herself obligated to pursue a degree and lucrative career. Which as we all know, is a rare association with the path of photography. I said to my mom, […]