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On the Edge with Hanna Radek

Hanna Radek - StreetPX Episode 71 Banner

Calling in from picturesque Munich, Germany, today’s guest is long distance friend of the show, Hanna Radek and we’re talking photography, the Avengers, atomic wastelands, El Salvadoran gangs, you know, normal stuff.

Welcome to StreetPX – The Official Announcement

Just in time. As the clock inches closer to the end of International Podcast day, I felt it a good time to announce a new endeavor being cobbled together by me, RE Casper and good friend and fellow photographer, Jim Watkins. Here in lies the first public murmuring of StreetPX, an upcoming street photography podcast. Scheduled to premier on Friday, October 2, 2015. Which is like, two days away. Phew, I better get cracking on this announcement and get back to editing. So yeah, what is this and how did this come about, you ask? Or didn’t ask and that’s cool too. Considering the endless possibility […]