It’s Friday the 13th and StreetPX is on a roll with our guests dropping hints and announcements on brand new projects. Today’s episode is no different with our guest, Kristi Lewis. Oakland’s own photographer and enabler of all things art, steps into the StreetPX studio and comes up with new projects, right on the spot. Kristi LewisVIEW SHOW NOTES →

It’s the eve of Halloween and the StreetPX duo of RE Casper and Jim Watkins are sitting down with local Bay area street photographer, Ken Walton. A relative newcomer to the world of street photography, Ken has a natural eye for the camera and a tenacity for his art that’s already making big waves inVIEW SHOW NOTES →

Get Ready!!! This is a great kick-off interview. Today’s guest is the talented Reynaldo Cayetano Jr., founder of the San Francisco Art Collective, “Inks of Truth“… In addition, we also have Sandy Lam, the voice and marketing extraordinaire of this amazing organization. We’re still a little rough (I continue to repeat myself, lol)VIEW SHOW NOTES →

We actually did it! We hit the premier show release of October 2, 2015. It’s been a long time in the making, endless planning, hours of labor and a LOT of learning… but finally, without further delay… We bring to you, Episode #1 of StreetPX. Hosts RE Casper and Jim Watkins, two Bay area streetVIEW SHOW NOTES →