Category: Documentary

“Yes, and…” with Photographer Katie Jett Walls

Katie Jett Walls is a D.C. based photographer of documentary, street and families. Today we’re exploring her Puerto Rico, Grief Girls and Save Our Souls projects and the creative benefits of Improve Theater.

We Are Not Impervious to Hardship – with Documentarian Brenton Gieser

Kicking off 2018, we’re sitting down with San Francisco photographer, Brenton Gieser, to discuss his documentary project and process. Through audio-video interviews and countless hours, Brenton introduces us to the Tenderloin and a community that is often ignored, but truly robust in culture and humanity. Tender Souls immediately turns up the volume and gives voice to those with stories to tell and no one to listen.

Life is a Full Spectrum Journey with Photographer Jock McDonald

Jock McDonald is a traveling photographer, musician and natural story teller and he is here to share his creative upbringing, inspirations and adventures documenting Cuba, Cold War era Soviet Union, Nicaragua and celebrities such as Robin Williams and Evander Holyfield.

Hope and a Prayer with Photographer Christopher Rusanowsky

Christopher Rusanowsky joins us from Los Angeles, California, to discuss his most in-depth projects to date, focusing on the oil field workers of North Dakota during the boom and exploring life in Manila, from the fishing villages to the streets.

Stealing Moments with Your Eyes – Interview with Pedro Lange Churión

Documentarian and professor, Pedro Lange Churión, joins StreetPX today to discuss his craft, his inspirations and his large-format photography project, focused on the Stolen Children crisis in Spain.

Giving Voice to the Voiceless with Documentary Photographer Wesaam Al-Badry

Wesaam Al-Badry is a documentary photographer with one hell of a story to tell. From wartorn Iraq, a refuge camp in Saudi Arabia, to his home in Nebraska. These experiences have inspired Wesaam to create the most amazing humanitarian projects.