We want to extend a HUGE thank you to the 50 or so shooters that joined us for this past Secret Print Exchange. We also want to extent a special thank you to all the folks that waited patiently while some shipping snafus were being addressed. It took a little while for those last one’s to make it home… But we weren’t going to rest till they made it.VIEW SHOW NOTES →

Casper and Jim have cooked up a micro episode to announce the winners from the Film Photo Share and the StreetPX Social Media follow contests, first announced during Film Week. Tune in and congrats to our winners.VIEW SHOW NOTES →

Among our listeners are some of the most talented street shooters in the world. So we want to do what we can to help share that creativity around, this holiday season. We all love prints, right? So, we put together an old photographer community practice, the Print Exchange… and in the spirit of the randomness of StreetPX, we’re adding a little “surprise” twist to the new tradition.VIEW SHOW NOTES →

Time to join the StreetPX crew for Film Week, as we show our love for the wonderful world of analog photography, including contests, photowalks and a live stream episode with Pete Rosos and Nick Mayo of Nick Exposed.VIEW SHOW NOTES →

For the first time in our show’s history, we dive head first into a live studio recording our StreetPX at the Streetfoto Festival…. in front a real life audience. We welcome back Rinzi Ruiz, LA’s premier street photographer and previous guest of our show, as well as a bit of a twist as we take this special opportunity to invite up from the crowd, Bay area photographer and finalist of Streetfoto, CJ Lucero.VIEW SHOW NOTES →

Secret Print Exchange 2016 Recently the StreetPX team decided to cook up a fun activity for our listeners, to share some artwork this holiday season. Once all sign ups were received, we engaged the Super Secret Magical Spinning Wheel of Random Awesomeness and assigned everyone a recipient. We exchanged thisVIEW SHOW NOTES →

Thank you all for signing up for our first (Secret) Print Exchange Among our listeners are some of the most talented street shooters in the world. So we wanted to do what we could to help share that creativity this holiday season. But how can that be done? We all loveVIEW SHOW NOTES →