In the early days of StreetPX, we had Steve Bollman in the studio and he had some of the most memorable topics to share on documentary photography  and the true dangers that come with the package of covering war torn areas.

Steve’s path demonstrates a meteoric rise in the world of human interest story telling and his book, Almost True is a testament to that talent.

We are happy to say, StreetPX definitely recommends “Almost True”.


Thirty years in the making, but covering just a few seconds in real time, Almost True is Steven Bollman’s highly anticipated new photobook.

Almost True, draws from over three decades of work from many different projects. 81 black and white photos in nine groups that tell their own story but, through the magic of sequencing, offer new stories.

The diverse images included in Almost True were taken in Cuba during Fidel Castro’s time, at religious processions in Sicily, and during the elections in Haiti in 1987, plus street photos fromMississippi, New York, Oakland, Portland, Santa Fe, Seattle, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Afterword by Alfredo Triff.

192 Pages / 81 images, Hardcover, 9″H x 6″W. Signed.