What is up StreetPX Nation!

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to the 50 or so shooters that joined us for this past Secret Print Exchange. We also want to extent a special thank you to all the folks that waited patiently while some shipping snafus were being addressed. It took a little while for those last one’s to make it home… But we weren’t going to rest till they made it.

Each year, we are always reminded of two very solid facts…

1. Shipping services across the world are not always reliable during the holidays.


2. Our community is the BEST community!

From our little perch at the StreetPX studio, we had the opportunity to speak with so many of you and get a first look at much if the work being shared around the world. Which is something quite special about our little print exchange here. That worldly sharing nature of it all.

Above all, the best part for us at StreetPX is hearing from those of you who express your excitement in knowing your images are being appreciated on the other side of the planet. Think about how great that is and isn’t that what it’s all about… Sharing that work… Getting that vision out there… and brightening the day for another shooter somewhere on Earth.

Now, we admit, the system isn’t the best and we learn a little more every time we do it.┬áBeing left to the mercy of USPS, FedEx, UPS and the like during the late holiday season can be tough and to be honest, we artists aren’t always the most punctual folks out there either… But no matter how difficult some situations may prove to be, we will always work diligently to make the process successful and more reliable each time it’s done.

Oh and we’d like to say, YES, we will be doing it again this year!

Thank you all so much for joining in. We hope that you do it again this coming holiday and for those of you that missed out, don’t forget to sign up this Fall!

As a nod and a wave, we wanted to feature those of you out there that were kind enough to share a selfie with the prints you were sent… and in some cases, full fledged photozines and in one case, a freaking hardbound photobook (believe it)!

This is just a peak at the awesomeness shared this past holiday…