The StreetPX crew drops in on Harvey Castro at Studio 369 in Oakland, to discuss a storied life of photography, Cuba, combat sports and a perilous journey from Nicaragua to the United States.

From his first camera, a Dr Pepper can converted into a disposable film camera, to his Hasselblad and Leica gear today, Harvey has always been a creative with a camera on hand.

The show begins a bit deep, with Harvey opening up about his journey fleeing the violence and war of Nicaragua in the early 80’s. Sharing wild memories of trusting strangers, hiding in shadows and dodging helicopters. It’s definitely a reality check for the struggle of many families out there, desperate for safety. A story that truly needs to be heard.

Later in the years, Harvey switched gears and moved beyond mere interest in photography and took up combat photography in Bay Area, covering Mixed Martial Arts and Mai Thai, as well as putting aside time to travel and photograph beautiful destinations like Cuba, Vietnam, Berlin and more.

These are just a few of the topics today, but you’ll need to hit play to learn more.

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