Join us for a Live Recording of StreetPX!

We’re counting down to a very special episode of StreetPX, live at Streetfoto San Francisco. With only 10 days left, we’re itching to turn the mics on for a full two hours of random photographic ramblings…

Mark the date! Friday, June 9th, StreetPX will record our next two episodes in front of a live studio audience, from San Francisco’s historic Harvey Milk Photo Center.

Returning to join us on stage will be LA’s own Rinzi Ruiz and two more, as-yet-unnamed vic… I mean, honored guests, of course. Who knows, we might just grab some folks from the crowd to join us at the mics… We just haven’t decided yet and we never know whats going to happen on this show… Especially when given the chance to do a live one!

Better still… Stay on for our second session where we transition to a full on iN-PUBLiC Panel…. including the talents of Blake Andrews, Jesse Marlow, Aaron Berger, and Troy Holden.

Join our peanut gallery and maybe even on at the mic, for StreetPX LIVE! at Streetfoto 2017.

You don’t want to miss this one and… It’s FREE!