Documentarian and professor, Pedro Lange Churión, joins StreetPX today to discuss his craft, his inspirations and his large-format photography project, focused on the Stolen Children crisis in Spain.

An academic and visual artist, Pedro teaches at the University of San Francisco. His course specialties include Latin American Literature and Culture, Film Studies, Urban Studies, Photography, Comparative Literature and Critical Theory with an emphasis on Psychoanalytic Critical Theory. Yeah, that’s some heavy stuff dropped in there at the end. We even get into some of this on this episode.

As a visual artist, Pedro Lange Churión has written and directed award winning films, including Crocodile (USA, 2000) and Visitas (Colombia, 2005), as well as various dedicated documentaries, and experimental videos for The Urban Unseen.

He is currently working on May My Flesh Sleep in You a large-format photography and video archive done in collaboration with Aránzazu Borrachero. The project focuses on the victims and the Stolen Children crisis in Spain. This project brings attention to the eugenics practices during Francisco Franco’s dictatorship in Spain and the first five years of democracy. These actions resulted in the disappearances of thousand of newborns stolen from mothers deemed undesirable by the fascist regime.

Get More Info on the Project Here

Tune in today and learn more about Pedro Lange Churión.

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