Today on StreetPX, we have a full house, as Visual Artist Jean-Benoit Levy, Matthew Gerring from StreetSheet and TJ Johnston from the Coalition on Homelessness (also a writer for StreetSheet).

We’re starting out with a little walk down the storied life of visual artist, Jean-Benoit Levy, as he shares his experience growing up in a creative household in Switzerland, hosting family friends such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastião Salgado and his path to graphic design and an appreciation for photography.

Directly, we shift to the Street Sheet and the topic of homeless people, homelessness, and how the subject relates to Street Photography. We felt this is far too often debated, but more often without the right people involved. So, today StreetPX aims to change this with a head-on discussion with representatives from the very successful, Street Sheet publication and the San Francisco arm of the Coalition on Homelessness.

Notable Fact:

The San Francisco homeless population is conservatively estimated to be between 7,000-10,000, including enough children to fill 35 transit buses. Many of who attend school every day, and return to the street or the limited bay area shelters available at night. Of which, please keep in mind, for every 5 homeless people in San Francisco, there is but one bed available. Meaning, there is only enough space to shelter 20% of the total population on the streets today..

We dive into these realities of what homelessness truly means. The misconceptions of who is homeless. The relationship of HUD funding and homelessness and so much more. Additionally we’re getting deep into what the Street Sheet does for the community and the work of these great people, like Jean-Benoit Levy, Matthew, TJ and Sam Lew to mesh this publication so well with the photographic community.

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  • Brad Evans
  • Lee Friedman
  • Yon Sim
  • Léonore Baud
  • Dennis Letbetter
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  • Holger Struppek
  • Daniel Nicoletta
  • François Robert
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  • Maren Caruso
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  • S. Smith Patrick
  • Jean-Blaise Hall
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