It’s a laid back episode today, as Casper and Jim catch up on some photographic shop talk. We’re discussing the recent Womens March, the Oakland election protests and much more.

We also have some big news regarding our show and the upcoming Streetfoto Festival.

Can you say, Live Studio Audience? That’s right! This June, we are recording a live show in front of real people. It’s going to be nuts and if your in the Bay around that time, we’d love for you to join us! Be our kick ass, in-person peanut gallery!

We’ll drop more bits of information about this along the way. So stay tuned in.

Live Show Recording (Raw and uncut, you’ve been warned)

This is a teaser for our live show recording. Something generally reserved for our Patreon Supporters only. See our trips, stumbles, falls and brain farts in all their glory!…