Secret Print Exchange 2016

Recently the StreetPX team decided to cook up a fun activity for our listeners, to share some artwork this holiday season.

Once all sign ups were received, we engaged the Super Secret Magical Spinning Wheel of Random Awesomeness and assigned everyone a recipient. We exchanged this information and away the prints went. With each participant sending out a participant of their own. It was such a great reception to the event and everyone is having such a great time with it. As a thank you, we wanted to share some of the¬†happy recipient selfies that we¬†received, along with links to the artist’s work.

RE Casper with Print by JR Wyatt
Steve Abbot with Print by Rey Cayetano Jr
Randy Sloan with Print by Steve Abbott
Vicky Hart with Print by Jim Watkins
Jaya Bhat with print by Nima Taradji
Pete Rosos with Print by Vicky Hart
JR Wyatt with Print by Ryan McKinney