Gardner Hamilton is a prolific professional in the world of photography, logging well over 700 destination weddings, across 40+ countries. A feat that is impressive on its own merit.

Today however, our eyes are fixed on his street photography work and two of his creations, and Easily among the most active and beneficial street photography galleries available online. A highly recommended stop for any shooter.

Gardner has put his heart and soul into expanding the craft and bringing exposure to photographers all around the world. With his huge focus on SEO, it’s likely a featured member could find their own website below their BlackandWhiteStreet profile in search results. Not an easy feat for a webmaster and one hell of a successful recipe. We’re proud to bring him into the StreetPX studio to discuss it.

Together we dive into a range of photographic topics; brutal honesty in portfolio reviews, observing your surroundings, thinking before pulling the shutter and much more. We even learn a new word, “photofarting”. Which is quite fitting for its reference.

Fair warning for those with children nearby, this one treads down that dark alley on a few occasions. Let’s just say, a touch more NSFW than usual. 😉

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