It’s May 20th and Peter Zhang visits the StreetPX studio, discussing his SOMA project and the inspirations that brought him to the camera and the street. Casper and Jim enjoy featuring guests of all stages of their passion, established and up and coming. Peter may be new blood to the genre, but his keen eye and natural talent has taken him far in a short time.

We also dive into some of the great work flowing through the StreetPX Lounge, new projects of past guests, exciting events coming to the San Francisco area and Casper goes on a tangent about hired photo editing and the level of quality control in showcased imagery.

Anyway, enough typing, it’s time to hit play.

This is StreetPX, and the street awaits…

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Featured Images from StreetPX Lounge

Fatima Salcedo - StreetPX Featured Image
Fatima Salcedo – Featured Image
David Luigi Gregory StreetPX Lounge Featured Image
David Luigi Gregory – Featured Image
David Clarkson - StreetPX Lounge Featured Image
David Clarkson – Featured Image