Streetfoto San Francisco is Coming!

Six months ago, Ken Walton leaked some vibrations on his dream to bring a major international street photography festival right here to the Bay area.

Well folks, fast forward to the present and his dream is a reality. Now, with Streetfoto San Francisco fully underway, we thought it would be great to get Ken Walton back in the StreetPX studio to share the ins and outs of organizing such a large event and what possessed him to “go big, or go home”.

In this episode, we share more about the exhibitions during Streetfoto and where to find them, the contest categories and how to enter them. Ken even shares with us some background on how he went about bringing this group of talent together and much more.

This was a quick sit in, so while we didn’t get to do a Q&A Call on this one, please head over to our newly renamed, StreetPX Lounge Facebook group and connect. Share those questions with Ken directly, let the StreetPX team know your thoughts on this episode and don’t leave before submitting your photographic discoveries to the community.

This is StreetPX and the street, awaits.

Casper/Jim of StreetPX and Ken Walton of Streetfoto

Streetfoto Festival Information

Contests (Deadline April 15)
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