It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, with a ton of things going on for the show.

We have a new Facebook Community Board for fans of the show to share imagery, topics, ask questions and more. And, we need us a snazzy name for the group as well. Head over to StreetPX Community (temp name) and share some ideas. Also, enjoy the imagery, read through the topics and ask us questions. It’s all about communication.


If you enjoy the show, but can’t get enough, you’ll be able to join us for a live event this summer as StreetPX hosts RE Casper and Jim Watkins participate in the Guest Lecture Series at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco.

There will be much talk on documenting the street, work to be shown and Q&A.

Harvey Milk Photo CenterGuest Lecture Series Schedule:
  • Jim Watkins, May 12
  • RE Casper, July 14

We’ve also set up a fun Flipboard, called “Flippin’ StreetPX“, where we share a mash-up of articles we stumble across online. All things street, that makes us go “hmm”.

But all that aside… The most important part of the show¬†is our talk with Aaron Watkins. A two-year veteran at Facebook and Jim, our co-host’s very own son. We’re talking social media today. Attempting to clear the air or fog it up, to be honest… but above all, push us all to into being proactive at harnessing Facebook and Instagram to boost our social reach.

The best part of all, Aaron brought his Samsung Gear VR device with him and we got have our own personal Jurassic World experience and go face to face with a Brontosaurus.

This is StreetPX and the street, awaits…

Photos Discussed:
David Luigi Gregory “San Francisco….”


Marcell Turner “Le Mouvement et La forme” “Rain Dance”
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