The 10th Episode of StreetPX is Live with Gokhan Cukurova!!!

Today we connect with the one, the only, Gokhan Cukurova. Wedding photographer, documentary photographer and founder of the ever-growing Chicago Photographic Society.

Gokhan is an old friend of the team and kind enough to lend us a couple hours of his time to share some incredible stories. Including the foundation of one of the largest non-profit photographic organizations out there [CPS], documenting the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, as well as Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Chicago’s mayoral candidate in the run-off election against Rahm Emanuel.

Gokhan also imparts some great, albeit tight-lipped, hints on his upcoming release, “The American Communist“. A photographic documentary of the American Communist political party. A fascinating project not to be missed, scheduled to hit the shelves very soon.

It’s time to hit play and let Gokhan Cukurova drop some heavy knowledge on us all.

Oh and we considered splitting this one in two and releasing concurrently, but why do that to you great folks. We want that chat over a drink approach… why cut up a good talk? No harm in using pause now and then.

This is StreetPX and the street, awaits…

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