StreetPX is going International!!

Today, the StreetPX team returns to the Studio+ experience with Willem and Sandra Jonkers.

From the Netherlands to the San Francisco Bay and straight to your eardrums. Willem talks shooting the unforgiving fisheye, which he does masterfully and Sandra shares inspiring words on putting one’s true self into their work. We also get a chance to talk We Street and the intense work it takes to put together such a grand international project. One that brings us some of the best street photographer from around the world together into one single folio.

Heads up, the audio received some hollow room effects on the Jonkers side, our bad, but we figured it was definitely worth some laser focused listening.

That said, just hit play and listen in with Willem and Sandra Jonkers.

This is StreetPX… and the street awaits.

Willem Jonkers Street Teaser (Gallery)

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 5.54.19 PM


Sandra Jonkers Street Teaser (Gallery)

Sandra Jonkers - Array


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