Welcome to the 2016 Season of StreetPX!

It’s going to be a great year and we couldn’t wish for a better kick-off.

Scott Strazzante… Award winning photojournalist, Hipstamatic street shooter, definitive sports fan.  Tune in, as he joins us in the StreetPX studio to discuss his groundbreaking project, “Common Ground” and a successful career in photojournalism.

He’s nabbed Illinois photographer of the year eleven times… National photographer of the year once and damn near got it twice. Pulitzer co-recipient and a background spanning multiple news agencies, in Chicago and San Francisco. It was a joy to talk shop with Scott and he has plenty to share.

Oh, a little warning, but beneficial to those in the Bay, toiling through that Super Bowl traffic this weekend. This is a bit of a long one. Not by intention, but we figure, why sacrifice great content just to meet some unwritten durational limits.

So kick back, hit play and enjoy our talk with Scott Strazzante.

This is StreetPX….. It’s 2016 and the street awaits.

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