StreetPX is back, a week early, with the release of “Urban Reflections“.

The first of many new, randomly recorded micro-segments, affectionately called “SPX Shorties“, that are being added to the StreetPX line-up.

Released randomly between interviews, aiming to quench that ever increasing hunger for street centric, photographically charged, podcasty-ness. Because let’s face it… two weeks is a long time and we don’t want you to go forgetting about us or anything.

Ranging in duration from 5 to 15 minutes, we’ll be recording these on the fly, discussing introspective thoughts, relatable stories, street walks, event recaps, reviews and much more.

Today, Casper gets a bit heavy and personal on the new micro-segment, “Urban Reflections.”

Here, the metaphorical camera is being turned on himself, recalling a recent personal experience as proof of how far beyond the camera the genre of street photography can truly go.

Resulting in a reinforced vigor, or rather, an increased obsession for the art of walking the street and we figured it worth sharing.

Frankly, you just never know what can happen during a photo walk and how much impact a stranger may make on your day. So keep your head up and your eyes and ears open.

Some of Casper’s Photos: Still need to get back into the swing of film

RE Casper - 35mm RE Casper - 35mm RE Casper - 35mm