It’s Friday the 13th and StreetPX is on a roll with our guests dropping hints and announcements on brand new projects. Today’s episode is no different with our guest, Kristi Lewis. Oakland’s own photographer and enabler of all things art, steps into the StreetPX studio and comes up with new projects, right on the spot.

Kristi Lewis is the creator and organizer for the Oakland based photography event, “Through the Lens”… as well as an ever increasing list of new projects she’s developing for the local photographic community and on this episode, she is telling us all about it.

We even have a Free Giveaway to announce!!!! Seriously! We’re already giving stuff away, which is equally cool.

So, if you’re a photographer looking to show your work, if you want to hear some ramblings about photography, or if you want to try and get some free stuff, you’re going to love this one. So just push play and find out more about Kristi Lewis.

…. Oh and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Some samples of Kristi’s work:

Kristi Lewis 1 Kristi Lewis 2 Kristi Lewis 4 Kristi Lewis 5 Kristi Lewis 3

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