Just in time. As the clock inches closer to the end of International Podcast day, I felt it a good time to announce a new endeavor being cobbled together by me, RE Casper and good friend and fellow photographer, Jim Watkins.

Here in lies the first public murmuring of StreetPX, an upcoming street photography podcast.

Scheduled to premier on Friday, October 2, 2015. Which is like, two days away. Phew, I better get cracking on this announcement and get back to editing.

So yeah, what is this and how did this come about, you ask? Or didn’t ask and that’s cool too.

Considering the endless possibility of shop talk and the amazing depth of talented photographers we’ve had the honor of and continue to meet every day – many right here in the Bay Area… we started to kick around some ideas on how to help lift more work above the smoke and get more eyes on these amazing artists.

Eventually, we figured, Podcast!…Why the hell not? We can do that. Why not put a little public broadcast together? Why not sit down and record these talks and create an additional outlet? Where we can sit down, grab a brew (or a Dew) and talk with fellow street photographers. Get inspired, learn something from one another and get some things off our chest.

This is an itch I’ve had for a while now and Jim graciously agreed to leap down this rabbit hole with me.

Oh, the poor guy… He’ll know soon enough, I am sure.

Now, full admittance, Jim and I had never put ourselves at the mercy of the microphone before. We tend to remain behind a camera, silent and unexposed. This is a new world and those squiggly little waveforms scrolling across the screen, prove to be one hell of an intimidating sight. Meaning, this is going to be one hell of a challenge.

But as with any pursuit, nothing worth doing is easy.

It’s the art that matters and street photography is the expression of choice for those of us who navigate these city streets and one that we, as well as many of those we meet each day, have a tremendous passion for.

From this platform, we’ll ramble on about style, technique, inspiration, experience and pretty much any rhyme or topic that adds to why we carry a camera with us each day.

Most importantly, we want to focus on the street shooters themselves. By bringing fellow photographers on the show, we want to share their experiences, their work and the path they took to get where they are today. Not to mention, plugging a project or two worth checking out.

With my trusty dusty Blue Yeti wired up, we have put in a couple of haphazard sessions, recording a healthy dose of rough banter. While, not exactly where I think we want to be, but adequate enough to establish a first episode to show where we are, and explore where we want to go from here. A test phase, so to speak.

If you’re willing to lend us an ear and appreciate our tenacity, as we learn this exceptionally daunting medium, we aim to create an entertaining show for new and veteran street photographers alike. A place to listen in, or maybe even join in and ramble on about the craft we enjoy… the documentation of raw, humans in their natural habitat.

So get off the couch…. this is StreetPX… and the street, awaits.

… well, I mean… we need to finish up Episode 1 before Friday. So you go, we’ll catch up.

Cheers and Stay Tuned!