Get Ready!!! This is a great kick-off interview.

Today’s guest is the talented Reynaldo Cayetano Jr., founder of the San Francisco Art Collective, “Inks of Truth“… In addition, we also have Sandy Lam, the voice and marketing extraordinaire of this amazing organization.

We’re still a little rough (I continue to repeat myself, lol) – But we certainly manage to dive deep into the story of an amazing street photographer, as well as the the phenomenal outreach project he has created. I have to say… even before we hit that “record” button, we knew this was going to be a special moment… We simply did not want it to end.

Rey has so much to say and such engaging stories, I feel like we may have set the bar a bit high with this opener. From a very personal experience that sparked his initial leap into photography, to his establishment of Inks of Truth and the amazing service he and the group has done for the local community. There is so much to share, that it would be a disservice by describing any one thing in these notes. This simply needs to be heard. 

Today’s episode will be our 90 Minute, Interview Opener. A special episode, really getting to the heart of Street Photography. A perfect example of how the genre leaps far beyond mere imagery and prints. Street photography is more than just gear, walking and finding that perfect shot. It’s about the artists, the community, the subjects, mentors, teachers and so much more. 

This episode may be long, but its as short as I was willing to go, before my insides began to twist and burn at the mere thought of losing any bit of his message.

It’s a great week for StreetPX and thank you Rey and Sandy for stopping by. You’re always welcome at the StreetPX studio.

Upcoming Projects and Shows for “Inks of Truth”
  • October 18: Group Art Show
    • Location: 1261 Folsom, San Francisco, CA – Pampalasa
  • October 20: Portrait Project with YBCA and TodCo
    • Location: Market Street
  • [correction] October 24: Pop Up Art Show
  •  November 1Buhay: Alive & Well
    • Location: SAFEhouse ARTS, 1 Grove St. , San Francisco, CA

Sandy Lam, Casper and Rey Cayetano Jr. (@Pampalasa)
Sandy Lam, Casper and Rey Cayetano Jr. (@Pampalasa)

Record Date: October 12, 2015
Publish Date: October 16, 2015
Duration: ~90 minutes
Hosts: RE Casper and Jim Watkins
Guest(s): Rey Cayetano Jr. and Sandy Lam of “Inks of Truth
Sound Editing by: RE Casper
Music brought to you by:

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Check out some samples of Rey’s work below, but there is so much more to see here:

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