We actually did it! We hit the premier show release of October 2, 2015. It’s been a long time in the making, endless planning, hours of labor and a LOT of learning… but finally, without further delay… We bring to you, Episode #1 of StreetPX.

Hosts RE Casper and Jim Watkins, two Bay area street photographers, stumble out of the gate, but go down swinging in our inaugural public broadcast episode.

StreetPX is a bi-weekly street photography podcast, focusing on the why, the how, the where and the random. Above all, we want to speak to and share interviews with fellow street photographers. Their stories, why they chose this genre, what inspires them and who they are as artists.

Episode #1 - Image

With Episode 1, we attempt to explain why we decided to leap into the [extremely] difficult world of podcasting and what we want you to get out of it. It’s a rough start, but we get our stride and hope you bear with us while we iron our the wrinkles, resolve our microphone tension and work to bring you the best show we can offer.

We will be focusing greatly on interviewing new and veteran street photographers alike, but with this Pilot episode, we decided it best to work through our issues, before we bring in our first victim, er.. interviewee. Stay tuned for Episode 2 for the first street photographer to step into our studio.

We touch on the artists and work that inspired us to pick up the camera and walk out onto the street, our past, the fear of shooting people and stepping into a public showcase. We talk a little about our styles and the benefits or being a part of a group or a collective. Not to mention, a healthy dose of rambling.

Best of all, we also want to hear from you, the listener. Subscribers are encouraged to submit questions to the hosts and we will answer what we can in future podcasts.

Contact us at feedback@streetpx.com.

So, click that play button (and better yet, click that Subscribe button) and join us on this new adventure.

This is StreetPX and the street awaits…

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